Investment advisory

Increasing traction apparent amongst business, simultaneously running process, complex gamut of operations warrants an enhanced control at a company level over the businesses so as to ensure a smooth sailing.

Lot of companies / organizations have found it handy to leverage our offerings under management Consultancy Services from time to time. The span of offerings ranges from over all control to task specific assignments which include Business Advisory Services as well as Financial Management Services. An experienced team, wide exposure and structured approach towards assignments have enabled us to increase the offerings under the Management Consultancy Services.

Essential offerings under Management Consultancy Services include:

  • Management Audit
  • MIS reports
  • System based audits
  • Budgeting - a part of Financial Management Services
  • Preparation of a Business Plan - a part of Business Advisory Services
  • Readiness for a fund raise
  • Investor Relationship Management
  • ERP implementation support
  • Corporate actions
  • Accounts clean up